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Leia Starshine

welcome to The Witchy Witch

I am a charmingly eccentric busy bee, braille book editor & eclectic witch living in a small village in Belgium, Europe with my husband, three sons and one daughter.

I try to fill life with colors, words, photography, music and good food.

Everything I touch, I touch with magic and love. Witchcraft has become my way of life.

My life mission is to leave sparkles and glitters in the souls of everyone I meet so the world gets filled with beautiful blooming people.

I am at peace when I craft, create and write.

I try to make the world a better place, one haiku at a time!

Leia's Trivia

Favourite color: teal & indigo

Big three: Capricorn, Aquarius, Scorpio

Guilty pleasure: tarot cards & salt caramel chocolate

Secret talent: giving hugs

Most Inspiring Trip: solo trip to Kerala, India

Artist Crush: Tim Grosvenor, Andrew Crane, Magritte, Dali

Personality type: infp-t

Leia Starshine
Leia Starshine