Magickal Floor Washes

It’s been such busy days that I have been slacking a bit on sharing my free printables but I promise you by January 2nd, 2020 you will have 12 free printables for the 12 days of Yule.

Today’s printable is a cheat sheet for creating magickal floor washes. You can use florida water, holy water as a base but also rain or spring water. Try to avoid using tap water. Ideally you will let the mixture sit for 7 days but if you need it quick, make it, let it seep for 2 hours and use it.

There are a lot more ingredients you can use. You can look them all up and add them to your floor wash. I just added a few common ones to the printable.

If you have a carpet, you can also use this as a spray or dip your broom into the water and sweep over your carpet.

You can download the printable here.