Black Salt

There are two kinds of black salt. The first kind is the one that is used in Indian cuisine, the other kind is the one used in magick. I will talk about the black salt that is a magickal tool.

Black salt is something every witch should have in their cupboard. It is not hard to get because you can easily make it yourself.

How to make black salt


  • Salt (preferably sea salt or kosher salt, don’t use salt with added iodine)
  • Scrapings from a culinary pot
  • OR Charcoal
  • OR Ash from your fireplace
  • OR Ash from incense
  • OR Crushed black pepper
  • OR Ash from protective herbs you have burned in your cauldron (for example cinnamon, clove, dragon’s blood resin, lavender, rose, rosemary, sandalwood…)

As you notice the ingredients can be adjusted to what you have at home. You can even add some cascarilla powder for extra protection as well.


Use dry ingredients. Take 2 spoons of your salt and add 1 spoon of an ingredient you choose. Mix it together and use a mortar and pestle to ground it all. If you want you can chant over it. Make sure you infuse it with your intentions.

What is it used for?

One of the most popular uses of black salt is to sprinkle it at your door and windowsills. This will prevent unwanted guests or negative energies from entering your home. It can also help stopping gossiping and rumours. You don’t even have to stop at your door, sprinkle it around your entire property.

If you have been bothered by negative thoughts and feelings you can add a pinch of black salt to your bath or an oil you use to anoint yourself.

You can add black salt to a floor wash you make to cleanse your home and keep negative energies out. Use it specifically in areas in your house that have a lot of people coming or going.

Put some black salt in a bowl under your bed or in a sachet to keep beneath your pillow to prevent nightmares.

Keep a small bag of black salt under your desk at work to keep annoying coworkers or bullies from lingering around you.

Dress a black candle in in oil and roll it in the black salt to use in banishing spellwork.

Black salt can also be used in cursing and hexing.

How to dispose black salt

If you have used your black salt for cursing or hexing, you should bury it far away from your preferably at a crossroads. Another way is to toss it into flowing water or to toss it into fire. Make sure you don’t use these ashes again for something else but get rid of them by burying them far away from your home.If you have used it as a wall of protection you can bury it on your own property.