Free Mandala Affirmation Cards

A few months ago, right when all the chaos started, I decided to take part of the 100 Day Project. I told myself I was going to create an oracle card a day for a hundred days. I haven’t made entirely (still planning to finish it though) but I did manage to create some nice oracle decks. One of them being a Mandala Affirmation Deck.

I really enjoyed coming up with all these affirmations which can be used as an oracle deck, but you can also use them as reminders for yourself. Stick ‘m on the fridge, on the mirror, any spot you often look at and manifest things in your life.

The last page of the printable is a background you can use as the back of the cards, but it is up to you if you want to add that or maybe cut the cards and stick them on some nice scrapbooking paper to make beautiful backs. I usually get my cards printed on 300g paper in a printshop but you can print these at home as well of course.

You can download the Mandala Affirmation Cards for free here.

If you decide to use them in any way, please tag me on insta or facebook @witchywitchstore

Thank you and enjoy!