Sigil Magick: how do I create a sigil?

Sigils are a beautiful and strong way to create magic. You pour your intention into a singly glyph. They are very personal and can only be decoded by yourself. That is why they are so powerful. You are the only one that knows the intention of your self created sigil.

Once you have designed it, you need to activate it. Most of the time it gets activated by simply drawing it on something. And this could be just about anything: a fogged up mirror after a shower, a notebook, a doorway, the crust of a pie…. Some sigils also get activated by destroying them, for example you draw it on a paper or bay leaf and set it on fire. If you want to remember the sigils you created it is advisable to start a sigil notebook, esp for the sigils you destroy, so you can easily recreate them.

There are multiple ways to create sigils. I am just offering you one method. If you research sigil magick you will come across a lot more (complicated) ways to create your own. Worth researching!
But for now: a simple method!

So where do you begin?

  1. Write
    Magick is all about intention and purpose. The energy and intention you pour into something is the beginning of your magick. Sigils are perfect for this.
  2. Remove
    Look at what you have written down and scratch/erase all vowels and all repeated letters so you only have one consonant of each. If you write a simple word like PROTECTION you would end up with PRTCN. You can write an entire sentence as well, it doesn’t have to be a single word.
  3. Simplify
    This step isn’t necessary but some folks might like to turn their leftover letters into shapes, curves and lines.
  4. Arrange
    Now is the moment to start arranging your leftover letters or shapes into a bigger shape that fits together. You can use upper and lower cases or combine similar letters like P & R into one. You can add swirls, dots… You might not like the first look but keep on rearranging the shapes until you get a symbol that feels powerful and meaningful to you.

That’s it! Congratulations, you have created a sigil! You can now use it on whatever you like.

  1. Take it a step further (after creating your first sigils and some experience)
    Try to combine your sigils with other magickal skills, like color magick. For example if you are creating a sigil for prosperity and abundance create a green sigil. Or create a sigil according to the moon phases. So many possibilities!

I have created a small protection sigil that I always draw (3 times) on the side of the door with my finger when I leave the house to protect it. It can be something as simple as that. Now go on and experiment and remember: create with your heart, focus on your intention and it can’t go wrong!