Witch Kit Challenge Day 1

Hi everyone,

Welcome to day ONE of the Witch Kit Challenge!
Who else is excited? I am so happy to be sharing this 30 Day Witch Kit Challenge!

Today we will start with something really simple: a box!
This box will contain all the items we will gather over the next 30 days. Pick a box that isn’t too small. Make sure it isn’t smaller than a shoebox (adult sized shoes) because you are going to add quiet a few things to it. You can use a box you got at the grocery store or a box you receive in the mail when you last ordered something online. Or even an old suitcase… the possibilities are endless.

I am going to use a shoebox. The shoebox is also perfect for witches who are still in the broom closet because a shoebox is easy to ‘hide’.

Once you have selected your box, you could start thinking about decorating it. You don’t have to do it but it’s nice to put a bit of yourself in your tools, isn’t it? Broom closet witches could just decorate the inside.

What can you do to decorate your box?

Paint it! Or draw something!
Get out your art supplies and slap on some paint! I am painting mine black and then adding a triple moon sign on the top.

Magazine pictures
Grab a magazine you love and start cutting out pics. Then grab your glue and glue them all over your box. You can even turn it into some kind of vision board. Find pics of witchcraft you would like to accomplish and glue these on your box.

Trinkets and charms
Of course you can also glue some nice little charms and trinkets onto your box. Think about jewellery you no longer wear or those earrings that one got missing from… recycle, re-use

A spell
Add a spell on the inside. Write a protection chant on a piece paper and tape it to the inside of your box. For example:

Earth, Air, Sea and Wind
Bless this box and the things within
Power of Love, Hope and Light
Protect this during day and night
By Fire, Storm, Earth and Sea
As I speak – so mote it be!

Sigils or runes
You can easily add a protection sigil or protective rune, like Algiz, to your box as well!
Check out Sigil Magick: How do I create a sigil? if you need help with creating one!

So many fun options! The most important thing to do is to make the box yours… Pour your energy and intentions into it.

Have fun!