Witch Kit Challenge Day 2

Hi everyone,

Welcome to day TWO of the Witch Kit Challenge?
How are those boxes coming along? Did you find one? Did you start decorating?
It is perfectly okay if it isn’t finished yet, take your time.

So… the second challenge isn’t a hard one either. Today we will look for a pen!
It’s that simple.

It would also be practical if you could find a pencil and some colored markers as well to add to your box.

Let’s focus on the pen for now.

Find a pen that you love to write with. Picture how it smoothly glides over paper. You know what I am talking about, right?
Or if you want to be a bit more fancy you could find a fountain pen. Or make a pen out of a feather! If you want to turn a feather into a quill pen, this is a great DIY: Make a quill out of a Feather

The next step you can do is enchant your pen to enhance your creativity, writing and drawing. There is more than 1 way to do this.

Method 1:
What you need:
A bit of salt
A pen
Sigil for creativity

Remember that I told you about sigils yesterday? You’ll be able to use that info again today because the first thing to do is to create a sigil for creativity.
Draw your sigil on a paper that is large enough for your pen as well.
Place your pen on top of the sigil you drew and encircle your pen with the salt.
While you move your hands above the pen and paper you can, for example, say:

I enchant you to inspire me and bring me ideas
My creativity bubbles, so mote it be

Leave the pen on the paper for a night before using it. You can recharge your pen the same way regularly.

Method 2:
What you need
Moon water (preferably full moon or waxing moon water)

Take a strip of paper that is large enough so it can be wrapped around your pen. On the paper you write write a small sentence you can remember to activate the pen for example: ‘Shower my words strength and power’ or ‘Creativity flows out of this pen’. Put a few drops of moon water on the paper.

Wrap the paper around the pen, hold it close to your heart. Visualize that your energy surrounds and enters the pen and say a small enchantment or spell. You can make something up or use the one mentioned in method 1.

Leave the paper around the pen when you are not using it.

Method 3:
What you need
White candle (tealight is fine)
White or orange thread
Orange marker

Cut a piece of the thread that you can wrap around your pen. Don’t make it too long so it doesn’t bother you when you write. If you are using a white thread, use the orange marker to color the ends of the thread orange.
Tie the thread around your pen.
Draw a sigil for creativity on your candle with your orange marker. Light your candle to activate the sigil.
Wave your pen around the flame (don’t hold it IN the flame) and say:

Fire of this candle
Help my thoughts kindle.
Take my words and make them flower
With my will as your power

Say it as many times as you like, until you feel your pen is filled with energy.

That’s it! Add your pen, pencil and colored markers to your box and you are done for today!