Witch Kit Challenge Day 3

Hi everyone,

Here comes day 3 of the Witch Kit Challenge and today is…. You guessed it right… another easy one.

Something I use very often in my witchcraft journey: jars. So today you are going to look for some jars WITH lids. You can of course recycle and use already used jars. Think about baby food jars, or those tiny honey jars, but also bigger jars, anything that can fit in your box.

I make some nice labels for them, sometimes paint them, draw sigils on the inside of the lid…. There are soooooo many possibilities when it comes to jars.

I use jars to store all kinds of things like shells, sand from the beach, moon water, herbs… and I also use them to make spell jars/witch bottles.

By this weekend I will upload some nice labels for you to download but you can make your own as well!

So that’s it for today: find a few jars with lids that fit your box, so you can use them later on in your witchcraft journey!

Basic tips for making a spell jar/witch bottle

Spell jars are perfect for long-term spells. You research the herbs/items/gemstones that can represent your desire/wish and than you assemble harmonious ingredients that correspond with your intent. Fill the jar with the ingredients while you focus on your intentions, chant and craft. Leave some room on top if you are planning to shake the content to reactivate the spell jar.

Do make sure that all the items you add to your witch bottle or spell jar are completely dry. Fresh items easily rot, keep that in mind.

Place the heaviest items on the bottom of the jar (like pebbles, gemstones,…) Then add the medium weight ones (for example rose petals, lavender flowers,…) and then at the top you add the lightest stuff (like feathers or sprinkles of herbs,…)

Things to add to a spell jar/witch bottle:

  • pebbles
  • crushed gemstones
  • dried herbs
  • flowers
  • sigils
  • doodles
  • quotes
  • personal items
  • feathers
  • ….

A separate post about spell jars specifically will be online soon.