Witch Kit Challenge Day 4

Hi everyone,

Today we are adding another item to our box and that is a journal.

One of my main tools in the craft is a journal. It can be a simple notebook, a notebook you decorate (you can do a lot of things with modge podge, napkins and paint), a handmade notebook… whatever you pick. I am sure you have a notebook lying around somewhere in a cupboard, I know I do (hello journal addiction!)

I often make inserts for a traveler’s notebook. I cut my papers to the right size, fold, sew them together (but you can also staple) and taaddaa: a new insert.

Here’s a simple diy notebook YouTube video that uses a cardboard box and doesn’t involve sewing, but you can find loads and loads of these tutorials (sewing/not sewing) on YouTube and Pinterest.

Now why would a journal be a good tool?

You can actually note down your journey. If I look back to the journal entries I made at the start of my witchcraft journey 20+ years ago, I can definitely see how much I have changed and grown.

It is easy to keep track of things. You can make lists, correspondence charts, keep track of spells you tried, moon phases, what worked or didn’t work…

I have separate journals for specific themes for example: 1 for every sabbat, for herbs, for crystals, for spells, for divination….

If you, for example, decide to track a daily tarot card you can create a system where you can view which card comes back so many times in a month/year….

So today add a journal to your box, or start creating your own journal. Have fun!