Witch Kit Challenge Day 6


Today we are going to add a spoon to our box, a small spoon is fine.
You can use this to measure herbs, incense and mix things up in your bowl.
If you want you can also add a small wooden one and if you have a wood burning tool, you can easily add symbols to it. It’s like a kitchen witch wand!

You can, of course, also enchant the spoon (like you did with the pen)

What are the steps to enchant an object?

  1. Decide what the goal of the enchantment is: abundance? Love? Protection? Once you have decided the intent you gather your ingredients (herbs, crystals, salt, a spell paper…)
  2. Select your object. Today that is a spoon.
  3. Pick the right time to do the spell. Check the lunar cycle, the day of the week…
  4. Place your spoon amid your spell components. If you are using physical items like herbs and such you can place it all together in a bowl. If you are using your energy, use your hands to hold it or to hover over it.
  5. No matter what ingredients you are using, picture your spoon being filled with new powers. Make the transfer of the energy raised in yourself or the energy of your ingredients happen. Know the energy. When you feel that it is done, bring yourself back to the present and your enchantment spell is finished.

The spoon in folk rituals

In Eastern Europe the spoon is often present during incantations and magic. One would use 3, 7 or 9 spoons to break the spell of the evil eye. To make sure this ritual was successful the spoons needed to be collected from 3, 7 or 9 homes.

Spoons may have various properties and uses depending on the material.The best spoons for cooking are made of oak, beech or maple. White magic and breaking the spell of evil eyes required different wood, such as elm, ash or hornbeam. Sorceresses opted for boxwood spoons for their magic

The protective power of the spoon was widely in use in the first days after birth when young mothers were banned from leaving the house. The women could go out only if they carried a lighted candle or charcoal on a tile, singed cloth and garlic to banish demons. Another mandatory item to have was a wooden spoon tied with a red thread.

The spoon was a mediator of sorts sending off various signs and warnings and giving lessons to people. If an extra spoon is placed on the table, a guest should be expected. If one eats with two spoons, she or he will marry twice. A spoon that has fallen from the table implies that a woman-visitor would come and if it is a knife – that a man-visitor should be expected. Two guys should never eat with the same spoon – not for the sake of hygiene but because they would otherwise quarrel bitterly.

Do you know any spoon folklore or rituals?