Witch Kit Challenge Day 9

Hi everyone,

Today we are going to add a box of matches to our box. You can decorate your box if you wish with symbols or a pentagram, but if you like to keep it the way it is, that’s fine as well.

The main reason for the matches is so you can set things on fire… just kidding (kind of)… you can use your matches to light candles but also to set spell papers on fire or to burn bay leaves, to light up incense…

Some magical uses for Matches

  • Light a match and let it burn as long as you can hold it (or use tweezers) for an energy cleansing
  • Seal a spell with extinguishing the flame
  • Color code your matches and use them as substitute for colored candles
  • Whisper your wish into the flame and blow it out
  • Circle an object clockwise to enchant it, counterclockwise to cleanse it
  • Write someone’s name on a paper and circle it with a used match tip to protect them
  • Light a match in your garden at sunrise or right after sunset, bury the used match for a bountiful harvest
  • Pour your negative energy into your fingertips and then into the match as you strike it. Toss it away with force (in a safe place, e.g. a fireproof bowl) to remove negative energy

Matchstick Manifestation Spell by Penniless Pagan

You need:
A matchstick
A pen

Write your desire/wish in one word on the match. Try to write as good as you can on the small surface.

Before you light the match, envision your spell coming to fruition. It’s time to manifest it in your mind.

Once you have it clearly in your mind, you can say

With the strike of a match, this spell is aflame
Quickly manifesting, my desires attained.

Light the match and allow it to burn as completely as possible. With one deep breath and the unfailing belief that your spell will manifest, blow it out before you burn your fingers.

Put the match in water to make sure it is entirely extinguished.

If you have a garden bury the remaining piece. If you don’t have a garden push it deep into the soil of a thriving house plant. If that isn’t an option, burn the remains in a fire.