Witch Kit Challenge Day 12

Hi everyone,

So now we already have needle and thread…today we add sachets. Now, you can choose to buy some but you can also make them. If possible use natural material like cotton, felt or wool but you can use anything you have on hand: a shirt you no longer use can be cut up, a towel, a bed sheet… You can even use a baby sock.

A sachet is a small bag that holds a number of items. Each one of those items is picked for their qualities. The combination of items turn it into a spell to bring about the effect you desire.

Making a Sachet

It is very easy to make a sachet. If you like to sew, you just fold a rectangle of cloth and stitch the sides together. You can also place herbs in the center of a square piece of cloth, then gather the corners together and tie it with 3, 6 or 9 knots of ribbon or twine. The ideal size of a sachet to carry around with you is 10 cm by 25 cm. If it is a sachet you want to keep in a drawer or hang in your home, you can make it larger.

You can pick the color that matches your intention for the sachet. Fill your sachet with herbs that have been empowered with your intention and you can even add a small crystal as well.

That’s it for today: an empty sachet (or 2 or 3) that you can have on hand for whenever you need it!