Witch Kit Challenge Day 23

Hi everyone,

Just one more week left and your basic witch kit is finished (but it might never be complete).

Today we are going to make full moon water to add to our box.

How to make moon water

Making moon water isn’t hard at all. You just need a container (clear jar, glass, bottle,…) and water (from the tap, a bottle, the creek… just make sure it is safe to drink if you are planning to drink it).

The simplest way is to put water in your container and put it in the moonlight, but if you are in a space without a garden or so you can just put it on your window sill.

Use a lid or cover if you want to be able to drink your water because bugs might sneak in at night.
You can also surround your container with crystals or herbs that have a specific intention to create moon water with a specific intention. If you don’t have all those things you can also speak the intention into the water before you put outside or write your intention on a piece of paper and put it under your bottle/glass/jar.
Take your water back inside before the sun rises.
Label your jar/bottle with the date and for example: Full Moon in Gemini, November 30, 2020

Does it have to be a full moon to make moon water?
No! The moon doesn’t have to be full to make moon water. You can use any phase of the moon to make it. New Moon water is fantastic for new beginnings, Waxing moon water for attracting abundance, Waning Moon water for letting go of things.. research the correspondences of the moon phases and you will be able to make moon water for just about any occasion

What can I do with moon water?

  • Drink it
  • Use it to clean your sacred space and tools
  • Use it to make a floor wash
  • Add it to a ritual bath
  • Make a room spray by adding essential oils, herbs, alcohol
  • Use it to draw sigils on the doorway
  • Use it to anoint your body
  • Water your plants with it
  • ….

There are so many ways to use it!

So today find a glass jar, bottle or other container and fill it up with water. Place it in the moonlight (don’t worry if it is cloudy) and fill it with your intentions. Tomorrow morning you will have moon water for your witch kit!