Witch Kit Challenge Day 24

Hi everyone,

Today we will add salt to our box.

The magickal properties of salt

Salt represents prosperity and protection. It was once used as a currency. It is associated with financial abundance. Mix it with green vegetables and ingredients to attract wealth.

Salt can be used for cleansing energies. The most famous example of this is drawing a circle of salt for protection.

Types of salt

White salt

White salt is like an “all purpose” salt that you can add to spells, ritual workings and cooking.It can be used for absorbing negativity, banishing, protection, and healing.

Black salt

This shouldn’t be confused with the black salt that is used in cooking. Black salt for magickal workings can be made with cauldron scrapings, charcoal and salt.It has that extra added energy to break jinxes/hexes, banish unwanted people, remove negativity and for protection.

Himalayan salt

For magickal purposes, this salt can be used like any other salt such as for cleansing and healing, particularly as it’s infused with its pink colour.

Sea salt

This can be used for spells and magick involving water, the oceans, rivers, lakes, marine life/mermaids/dolphins, etc., in addition to all other magickal and cooking purposes.You can always create a specific salt for a specific purpose by adding herbs and other ingredients to it.

So that is it for today: we add some white salt to our box.