Witch Kit Challenge Day 25

Hi everyone,

Today we will start collecting egg shells so you can make cascarilla powder.

Making Cascarilla

You will need:

  • Several empty eggshells. 1 shell is not even 1/2 tsp of cascarilla, so collect a bunch.
  • A mortar and pestle (You can also use a coffee grinder)
  • A small, handheld sieve, sifter or something of the sort.
  • A container.

Wash several empty eggshells and remove the inner membrane, it tends to peel off best when they are good and wet, then allow them to dry thoroughly. Drying them in the oven will speed this up and make them more brittle.
Place the shells one or two at a time into your mortar and crush them thoroughly with the pestle. Remember to think about your intention for the powder. A song, chant or psalm will help with this.
Once you’ve got some shells good and crushed, pour the contents of your mortar into the sieve and sift out the fine powder into your container. Then return the bits that didn’t make it to the sieve to the mortar and grind some more. Repeat. Make it as fine as you like. If you are going to be putting it on your body or mixing it with liquid, you will want it very fine, but if you’re sprinkling it around your property or adding it to a container spell, you can leave it a little chunkier.
If you wish to make cascarilla chalk, the very fine powder will need to be pressed into a form and left for some time. Three weeks will do it, if it’s packed tight enough. Some humidity will help it all stick together. You can speed up the process by adding a bit of flour and water, which will act like glue. You’re not going to get a very tight solidification from this stuff, you can’t really give it the kind of pressure and time it would need for that, so, for stability, you will want to choose a shorter, fatter shape for your chalk, rather than a long thin shape.

What can I use it for?

Cascarilla powder may be pressed into chalk and used to draw a magical line or circle of protection or to draw protective symbols.

Add cascarilla powder to a ritual bath to wash away negative energy.

Add cascarilla powder to a floor wash to cleanse your house of negative energy and prevent negative energy and unfriendly spirits from entering.

Dust cascarilla powder onto your body to protect you from negative energy as you go about your day.

If you are shaking hands with people all day, dust your hands to protect yourself from whatever junk they’re carrying around with them.

Cascarilla powder can also be incorporated into candles, incense and soap to help spread around the protection as they are used.

If you find a trick or spell object and wish to dispose of it, dust your hands well with cascarilla powder before picking it up to protect you from being energetically harmed by the item.

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