Witch Kit Challenge Day 26

Hi everyone,

Today we are going to find items to make a pendulum.
Using a pendulum is one of the oldest and easiest ways for divination. And yes, pendulums often are made of crystals but you can actually make it of just about anything.

What you need:
An object with a little bit of weight
String/necklace/leather cord…

A pendulum can be made of wood, plastic, silver, crystals. So the challenge today is to find something you would like to use as pendulum and also to find some kind of ‘string’ to hang it on. Don’t make the string too long because you will probably use it most above a table.

When you find the item you want to use, tie it onto the bottom of your string or slide it on the necklace you will use..

Tomorrow I will explain more about how to use it and we will make a pendulum board