Witch Kit Challenge Day 28

Hi everyone,

Wow, just 2 more days left and your basic box will be done! How exciting!
Today we are going to craft a bit and make our own affirmation or oracle deck (or both, up to you!)

When I first started creating oracle decks I was a bit hesitant because it seemed so difficult. But making an oracle deck or a deck with affirmations for personal use doesn’t have to be hard at all.

You need :
Some sturdy paper, like paper to draw on or something like that. If you decide to use regular paper, it is a good idea to glue them to cardboard and cut them out when finished
Paint, crayons, pencils, stamps, ink… whatever you like working with

If you are creating a deck, it is important to get into the right mindset. Make sure you have some time to work on it undisturbed. Starr by deciding what kind of deck you want. Do you want to just use words (that was the first one I created, words only), do you want to use sigils, symbols, pictures, collages…? What theme do you want to use?

Let’s focus on an affirmation deck now. Decide how many cards you want to make. And take some time to think about affirmations that are meaningful to you. For example :
I embrace the magick inside of me
I trust in the universe
I am love

Cut out cards, the size you want, decorate them and write the affirmation on it. That’s it! You’ve created your own personal deck.
Now you can use it to draw daily cards or whenever you feel the need for it.

You can also download some of the free decks I created here.